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Just preordered assassins creed rouge like a nerd

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Tom Hiddleston does the ice bucket challenge (x)

I prayed he would do it wearing a white shirt.

He did not disappoint.


Tom Hiddleston: Textposts (2/?)



Loki’s reaction to his brother dropping Mjolnir upon meeting a group of people who probably want to kill him and Loki.

So I got really bored the other day (guys I’m on vacation and who doesn’t get bored on vacation!) so I read 50 shades of grey…. IT WAS SO BAD OMFG LIKE HES SO CREEPY AND SHES SO NAÏVE LIKE WHAT

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ATTENTION PLZ- I will be in away for the next 2 weeks… Some days I will blog, other days i will not have the chance :) thanks for understanding and i hope you have a nice day 

love jw xx

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"Do you remember none of that ?"